Skin-to-skin contact is ‘naked body contact’ between mother and newborn. The power of naked baby (with or without nappy on) on mother’s bare chest is not to be underestimated.

Firstly, naked body contact taps into baby’s instinctive feeding abilities to get organized to  find the breast, grasp the nipple and begin suckling.

Secondly, while mother and baby are together in skin-to-skin contact hormones influence the breasts to make more milk and cause the milk to flow.

Other amazing consequences of naked body contact between mother and new born are:-

Less crying and stable breathing, heart rate, temperature and blood sugar levels for baby.

So you see holding baby skin-to-skin  is a very simple but effective way to start out.

What’s your experience of skin-to-skin contact? Did it work or not work for you?


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