Too much milk

  usually during the second week or so when breasts are full and firm

… at this time, it is important to PREVENT inflammation of the breast that can lead to infection (or mastitis).

  • keep flow going by baby suckling or by expressing (if baby not able to attach well and suckle)

‘when baby suckles at the breast milk flows’

‘hand or pump expression also helps milk flow’

  • care not to over stimulate
  •  hormone interplay

the hormone ‘oxytocin’ controls milk flow. Hormones also control milk production during the  first  2  – 3 months.

after 2 – 3 months,  the control of milk production is automatic in response to when baby comes to the breast.

That is why …

  •  soft breasts are not empty
  • mothers can continue to  squeeze out a drop of milk long after they believe their milk has stopped flowing
  • mothers can produce  more milk  by putting baby to the breast often.

NOTE: 30 minutes after milk is taken from the breast, MORE milk becomes available to baby.

That is why:

  • it is best to  ‘top baby up’ back at the breast.
  • if wanting collect extra stock of milk – feed baby  30 – 60 minutes before expressing

Offer each breast  3 times to maximize the amount of milk baby gets at each sitting

  • baby receives a new burst of milk at each let down.

Notice the let down by increased rhythm of  baby suckling and swallowing