Not enough milk

  • Lack of breast stimulation suppresses milk flow and production.

Milk production can also be suppressed by milk banked up in an over full breast, putting pressure on the tiny milk making cells deep inside the breast

A reduction in supply is a normal part of the ‘ebb and flow’ as baby and breasts synchronize

  • Strategies for maximizing milk yield in minimum time, to meet baby needs
    • i) ‘top baby up’ back at the breast 30 – 60 minutes after last feeding session.
    • ii) offer each breast  up to 3 times to maximize the amount of milk baby gets
    • iii) switch to the other breast when the suckling rhythm  slows right down

NOTE: Many women experience greater function and production  in one breast. Noted  often by  the fact that baby  favors the better  producing side  or in some cases the lesser producing side. That is why it is best to offer both breasts at each feed and on many occasions each breast can be offered up to 3 times to maximize intake of breastmilk.


  • 30 minutes after milk is taken from the breast, MORE milk becomes available
  • baby receives a new burst of milk at each let down thus increasing his/her intake.