Enough milk

 –  how to ‘go with the flow’ day by day for weeks months or years

  •  ‘lack of breast stimulation suppresses milk flow and production’

breast stimulation



  •  ‘a well drained breast produces most milk’

… a well drained breast is never  ’empty’.  Baby takes  one third of the  milk  available.   30 minutes later more milk is available for the baby.

  • balance of fat and lactose

As the feed progresses, at each burst of milk flow or  “Milk  Ejection Reflex” (MER) the fat cells  get bigger and flow through the cell membrane at a faster rate.  That is how baby gets a balance of fat milk.

  •   ‘the brain the breast and the baby work as a team’

Work with your baby. Watch the suckling patterns and go with the flow. You can see and hear when baby is swallowing and taking milk from the breast.

 Watch the video on this web site by Jack Newman